Novel Ads was established in 2016 as an Advertising Agency for both the Digital and the Regular means to advertising for Corporates. We focus on providing Advertising material in all its forms to both the small startups as well as the large corporates. Our Quality is uniform across the board and we aim for business success for all our clients.

About us

Our Mission

To give each customer a unique and fun Advertising experience possible by working with them to convert their Simple Logos into Recognizable Brands.

Our Vision

To be let each and every Customer of any size go digital with reputaon for experse, reliability and quality.

What We Offer

Our Services

  1. Digital marketing:
    i. Social Media Management: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp
    ii. Google Ads
    iii. Classified Page Stores
    iv: Email Marketing
  2. Corporate Designs: Corporate Identity Design, Store branding, etc
  3. Consulting: Brand Consulting and Sound Marketing Advice

Our Products

  1. Corporate Signage of any description:
    I. Metal Signs and Stretched PVC
    ii. Light boxes
    iii. Flags
    iv. Banners: X-Frame Teardrop, Telescopic, Pull-up etc
  2. Digital Printing: Calendars, Flyers, Brochures etc
  3. Large Scale Printing: PVC and Vinyl
  4. Branding: Shop and Office branding, Diaries and Pen
  5. Corporate Wear and Accessories: Golf Shirts, T-shirts, Formal Shirts, Branded Mugs